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Storck, Ambrose Howell (1903-1975)
Papers, ca. 1931-1953 [MS-121]
4 cu. ft.

Ambrose Howell Storck was a surgeon. He graduated from Tulane Medical School in 1925 and performed his internship and residencies at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, 1926-1931. In the latter year he joined the Tulane faculty, started a private surgical practice, and continued his affiliation with Charity Hospital, along with other area hospitals. He was commissioned as a Major in the U.S. Army Medical Reserve in 1940 and served in the Professional Service Division, Surgical Branch, Surgeon General's Office; as Consultant in General Surgery, Office of Chief Surgeon, European Theatre of Operations; and as Chief of Surgical Service, DeWitt General Hospital in Auburn, California. Following World War II, Dr. Storck served as Consultant in General Surgery for the Veterans Administration in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas, 1946-1954. He was an active member of several local, national, and international professional organizations, as well as several New Orleans civic and social groups. Dr. Storck authored numerous articles in various medical journals.

His papers were accessioned in March, 1985, after being abandoned in a Tulane Medical Center building scheduled for demolition.

The papers include correspondence, reports, manuscripts, and reprints of articles from various medical journals. They are arranged into series as follows: Personal, Tulane University, Military, Veterans Administration, Organizations, Manuscripts, and Reprints. Generally, the first five series include primarily correspondence and reports. Some of the manuscript files also include correspondence relative to that project. One manuscript, the Anesthesia Death Rate study, is included because Dr. Storck participated in the project. A second, First Aid for Soldiers, is of uncertain origin; Dr. Storck may have merely reviewed the work as part of his responsibilities in the E.T.O.

Correspondents include Alton Ochsner, Michael Debakey, Loyal Davis, Rufus Harris, and deLesseps S. Morrison.


Box 1

General correspondence, 1945-1946
General correspondence, 1947-1949
General correspondence, 1950-1953
General correspondence, undated
Inventories of personal library, antiques, etc.
Legal correspondence
Reports of autopsies performed on patients of Dr. Jacob A. Storck

Tulane University
Alumni Association
Alumni Fund
Biophysics Committee
Hospitalization Insurance Committee
Medical School--Admissions Committee
Medical School--Department of Surgery

Surgeon General's Office, Washington, D.C.
Dewitt General Hospital
          Abstracts from General Medical Meeting, 1945
          Annual report, 1943
          Annual report, 1944
          Annual report, 1945
          Monthly Surgical Service reports, 1944

Box 2

          Monthly Surgical Service report, 1945
          Officers' Club
          Personal Correspondence
          Report on Surgical Services
          Special Orders
Twenty Fourth General Hospital (Tulane University)
Blank military forms

Veterans Administration
Education program
General correspondence, 1946
General correspondence, 1947
General correspondence, 1948
General correspondence, 1949
General correspondence, 1950; 1953
Monthly Surgical reports, Louisiana hospitals
Monthly Surgical reports, Mississippi hospitals
Monthly Surgical reports, Texas hospitals, Feb. 1947-June 1948
Monthly Surgical reports, Texas hospitals, Sept. 1948-May 1949
Section Chiefs' conference, 1947

American Cancer Society, 1946 (1)
American Cancer Society, 1946 (2)

Box 3

American Cancer Society, 1947
American Cancer Society, 1948
American Cancer Society, 1949 (1)
American Cancer Society, 1949 (2)
American Cancer Society, 1950-1951
American College of Surgeons (1)
American College of Surgeons (2)
American Heart Association
Bachelors' Club of New Orleans
Council of Social Agencies
Crippled Children's Hospital
Louisiana State Medical Society
Orleans Parish Medical Society
Southeastern Surgical Congress
Southern Surgeon's Club

Anesthesia Death Rate Study (see note in description)
Dysgerminoma, with Report of a Case of Bi-lateral Ovarian Tumors Occurring in a Pseudohermaphrodite
Experimental Bichloride of Mercury Poisoning
Experimental Production of Aortic Aneurism by Spirocerca Sanguinolenta
First Aid for Soldiers (see note in description)
Formation of Arteriovenous Fistula for Relief of Sequelae of Aortic Aneurism
Gunshot Wounds of the Abdomen

Box 4

Panel: Clinical Congress, American College of Surgeons (Chicago, 1940)
Panel: Clinical Orthopaedic Society (Chicago, 1943)
Penetrating Wounds of the Abdomen
Review of the Southern Surgical Association Meeting, 1938
Review of the Southern Surgical Association Meeting, 1939
Review of the Southern Surgical Association Meeting, 1940
Tumors of the Pancreas
Use of Estrogenic Substances in the Preoperative and Postoperative Treatment of Hyperthyroidism
War Wounds of the Abdomen (1)
War Wounds of the Abdomen (2)
War Wounds of the Abdomen (3)
War Wounds of the Abdomen (4)
War Wounds of the Abdomen (5)

Articles by Ambrose H. Storck
Articles by Jacob A. Storck
Articles by various New Orleans doctors (1)
Articles by various New Orleans doctors (2)
Articles by various New Orleans doctors (3)

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