Manuscripts Collection
Louisiana Division
New Orleans Public Library

Senator Sidney J. Barthelemy
Subject Files, 1974-1978
2 linear ft.
MS 323

Sidney J. Barthelemy was elected to the Louisiana State Senate District 4 seat in 1974, the first African-American to serve in that body since Reconstruction.

The records were transferred to the City Archives from the City Council Research Office ca. 1980. Additional records from Senator Barthelemy's legislative term can be found in Special Collections, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.

Box 1

Abandonment and Adoption (Technical name changes)
Abolition of Agencies
Abolition of Board of Commissioners
Administrative Appeal--extension to Medicaid, Social Services, Child Welfare Agency
Adoption Investigation--elimination of investigation where legitimate parent adopts
Agency, Transfer of Functions; Boards etc. to DHHR; technical name changes and Villa Feliciana subpoenas Title 40
Air Control Commission--Transfer to DHHR technical name changes
Alcoholism, Intoxication and SubstanceAbuse Law--Office of Hospitals, Title 40
Anatomical Board, abolition, transfer of functions to Office of Hospitals (DHHR)
Answered Letters, 1974-1975 (copies)
Barthelemy, Sidney J.
Bedding and Upholstered Furniture, Law, License, Fees, etc.
Bilingual Ballots and Voting
Child Abuse
Child Abuse Support
Child Support Civil order for Discretionary wage assignment
Child Support, Criminal order to pay--discretionary wage assignment
Child Welfare Represenatives--civil immunity
Claiborne Avenue Development Bill #602
Compact administrator of interstate compact on mental health, Secretary of DHHR
Coroners Commitment--120 day commitment, change of custody, cost of treatment
Criminal neglect, parents guilty of--technical name changes
Criminal neglect--proof of registration of physicians--technical name changes
Criminal Law
Data Retrieval System
Day Care Centers--redefinition, exemptions, appeal and technical name changes
Delinquent and neglected children, placement of--transfer name changes
Diseases, garbage disposal and sewerage--transfer of functions to DHHR, Title 40
Domicile of Agency DHHR, Baton Rouge Office of Health Services, etc., Office of Charity Hospital of Louisiana at New Orleans
Employment, Senator Sidney Barthelemy
Employment Security
Election campaign
Food Stamps (confidentiality) release on written requests
Hazardous Substances Act
Health Education Authority of Louisiana, transfer of Office of Management (DHHR) from Department of Education
Health Insurance Program
Health Maintenance Organization #610
Health Services and Environment Quality, Office of; Mandamus
Historic Preservation
House Financing
Lauricella--Floor amendments bill #542
Legal custody--right to consent to treatment in medical emergency
Legislative report to Mr. Landrieu
Letters answered, 1976 (copies)
Letters received, miscellaneous (1)
Letters received, miscellaneous (2)
Letters received, 1977 (3)
Letters received, 1977-1978 (4)
Letters received (Sidney) (5)
Letters received (6)
Letters received, 7/5/77 (7)
Letters received, personal (8)

Box 2

Licensing Boards--DHHR (Selection of own attorney)
Local and Municipal affairs
Louisiana Community Development Finance Corp.
Marijuana bill, SB #421
Maximum Assistance Grants--repeal of obsolete provisions
Medical records, subpoena of; Office of Hospitals, Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and N.O. Charity Hospital
Medical System Work Force
Meniscocytosis (Sickle Cell Anemia), extension of testing age
Mental Health and Mental Retardation--penalties and arrests, licensing, rights of patients
Mental Health Law--Office of Mental Health
Mental Health, Advisory Council on; repeal
Mental Retardation Law--Office of Mental Retardation
Mobile Homes
Oaths of Office
Pension, Confederate Veterans, technical name changes
Port of New Orleans
Professional Licensing Boards--transfer to DHHR, Title 37
Retaliatory conduct
Right to Work letters (1)
Right to Work letters (2)
Right to Work letters (3)
Social Workers
State Colony and Training School (Pinecrest)--repeal
Status of Women, Commission on; Committee on Employment of Handicapped
Superdome Schedule, 1975-1985
Teacher Development
Tourist Commission
Venereal Disease, Reporting of
Venereal Disease, Transfer of function to DHHR--Serenity House
Vital Records, Bureau of; Domicile, surnames, reindexing, etc.
Vital Statistics
Vocational Rehabilitation, transfer to DHHR from Department of Education
Voter Registration
Voting Rights
Youth Services, Transfer of IV-D from Office to Office of Family Services, Title 36
Youth Services, Office of; transfer of IV-D Powers, Title 46

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