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Suit record, State of Virginia for the use of Virginia Military Institute vs. James Longstreet (1872)
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The state of Virginia brought suit against General Longstreet on February 10, 1872 for non-payment of a debt to the Virginia Military Institute incurred by his son Cadet J.G. Longstreet.

In addition to the pleadings, transcripts of testimony, and other suit- generated documents, the record also includes manuscript letters from General and/or Mrs. Longstreet to the Institute, and manuscript copies of letters from officials of the Institute to the Longstreets. Most of the latter are signed by VMI's superintendent, Francis H. Smith. This correspondence dates from late 1865 through 1871 and deals with Cadet Longstreet's career at VMI as well as with the monetary difficulties that led to the suit.

Also included are manuscript accounts of the Institute with Cadet Longstreet and a copy of the Regulations for the Virginia Military Institue at Lexington, Virginia (Richmond, 1870).

This suit record forms part of the Seventh District Court Records, Docket #9396.

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