Manuscripts Collection
Louisiana Division
New Orleans Public Library

Bruns Family
Papers, 1839-1917 [MS-27]

J. Dickson Bruns (1836-1883) was a New Orleans physician and a leader in the Crescent City White League. Henry Dickson Bruns (1859-1933) was a New Orleans physician and political reformer. He was affiliated with the Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital, and was a founder of the New Orleans Polyclinic. He was active in anti-lottery politics and in various political reform movements.

The papers include letters, stock certificates, and other papers. Most of the letters deal with political matters. Individual correspondents include John M. Parker, Kate M. Gordon, E. John Ellis, John Sharp Williams, Luther Hall, Edgar H. Farrar, and John M. Avery.

Folder Listing

  • Letters of J. Dickson Bruns
    • Letter from U.S. Representative E. John Ellis, December 9, 1875, concerning problems in Congress and expressing revolutionary ideals.
    • Letter from William G. Vincent of the Anti-Lottery League, April 29, 1890, thanking him for his speech against the lottery.
    • Letter from John M. Avery, April 30, 1890, asking for information on an anti-lottery meeting.
  • Letters of Henry Dickson Bruns
    • Letter from Kate M. Gordon, April 9, 1898, thanking him for supporting equal rights.
    • Letter (draft?) to John M. Parker, March 14, 1911, dealing with the need for reform.
    • Letter from Edgar H. Farrar, July 2, 1915, dealing with an upcoming convention and his reasons for not wanting to take part in it.
    • Letter from Edgar H. Farrar, July 29, 1915, dealing with an upcoming convention and his reasons for not wanting to take part in it.
    • Letter from Mississippi Senator John Sharp Williams, April 27, 1917, dealing with legislative matters and the War.
    • Letter from Kate M. Gordon thanking him for his address to the National American Woman Suffrage Association on April 7, ____.
  • Miscellaneous Letters
    • Letter from Masil S. Beard in Closeburn (Scotland?) to Harry ____, October 17, 1877.
    • Letter from Sarah Avery Leeds to Katie (wife of Harry ____), June 29, 1891, giving suggestions for the formation of an organization to rid the stateof a monopoly (the lottery?).
    • Letter from K. L. Bruns (Kate L. Bruns, wife of Henry Dickson Bruns), May 27, 1898, describing soldiers marching to Tampa, Florida.
    • Letter from Representative Frank E. Powell to Honorable Donelson Caffery in New Orleans, June 24, 1912, asking for information to assist in handling the primary bill in the Louisiana House of Representatives.
    • Letter (copy of a rough draft) to Governor Luther Hall, 1914, on the subject of requiring signatures at polling places.
  • Stock Certificates and Receipts
    • Mining company stock certificate and receipts.
    • New Orleans Sanitarium stock certificate.
  • Miscellaneous Papers
    • Copy of a document from Parish Court #10934, John Slidell vs Richard Hazer (1839).
    • Typewritten copy of remarks by J. Dickson Bruns, February 27, 1875, on presenting a pair of pistols to General Frederick Nash Ogden as a testimonial to his leadership of the White League.
    • Clipping of a published letter (reprinted from the Daily Picayune and Times Democrat) written by Henry Dickson Bruns in Baton Rouge, March 3, 1906, on the proposed primary election law.
    • Lease, Good Government League
    • Draft, on Bruns stationary, of an amendment to the election law.

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