Manuscripts Collection
Louisiana Division
New Orleans Public Library

Bureau of Governmental Research
Records relating to the City of New Orleans home rule charter process

Date range: ca. 1949-1952
Source of acquisition: Donated by the Bureau of Governmental Research, 1999.
Terms of access: Available to registered researchers by appointment

Founded in 1932, the Bureau of Governmental Research is a non-profit, citizen-supported, independent research organization dedicated to informed public policy making and the effective use of public resources in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area. Val C. Mogensen of the Bureau served as an advisor to city in developing the home rule charter of 1954. There is evidence in the documents that Wilmer Hinrichs, a BGR research associate, was at least in part responsible for creating these records.

An inventory of the records follows:

  1. Memorandums, Miscellaneous, 1949-1950
  2. Memorandums, 1951
  3. Public Safety/Law Enforcement
    including reports on the historical functions of law enforcement agencies, 1805-1949
  4. Acts & Ordinances, 1876-1911
    clippings with annotations and/or handwritten notes on all acts affecting the New Orleans municipal government
  5. Acts & Ordinances, 1803-1850
  6. Acts & Ordinances, 1851-1875
  7. Acts & Ordinances, 1912-1949
  8. Boards & Commissions
    collected notes and miscellaneous materials
  9. Draft 1 of the proposed home rule charter of the city of New Orleans, September 10, 1951
    heavily annotated
  10. Binder of material
    • Memorandum 1--The Council
    • Memorandum 2--Wards and other geographical districts
    • Pros and cons of the Council-Manager form of government
    • Staff memorandums to the Charter Committee
    • Booklet: Summary of the preliminary draft of the proposed Home Rule Charter for the City of New Orleans
    • Preliminary draft of the proposed Home Rule Charter for the City of New Orleans (January 1952)--annotated
    • Index to the propsed Home Rule Charter for the City of New Orleans
    • Booklet: Charter Comment (BGR)
    • Supplemental recommendations
  11. Binder with two page reports on city agencies, each with legal citation, functions, method of election, current membership, and administrative organization
  12. Board & Commissions
    list with brief note on the purpose of each with legal citations
  13. Staff memorandum re: boards and commissions (May 18, 1951)

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